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September 17, 2021


Discover You: The Podcast

This week’s podcast is a discussion on the importance of effective communication and being a role model for youth.

Discover You™: The Podcast is designed for us to grow together in skills and topics of social and emotional learning and positive psychology.

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We hope that this group will serve as a place where you can have discussions and share questions, celebrations, resources, photos, etc. The relationships you’ve built during our training can continue to flourish!


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A Message from Bev


Thank you for your commitment to youth, as together, we build a world of peace, wellbeing and opportunity. 


Perhaps you began this journey a bit unsure of what you were getting involved in and how you would apply it, or maybe you came in with a plan and direction. Either way, we hope our time together has inspired and equipped you to use your talents to change the world. One life, one skill, one relationship at a time – the power and solution is in the ONE.   


Discover You™ is part of a movement to build a beautiful world for everyone. A world where thriving is common place and in times of struggle, we struggle well.


Welcome to the Discover You™ Team! We are so excited to have you as part of our global vison to equip all youth to live their potential.


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has.” (attributed to Margaret Mead)

A Message from Sarah

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Discover You™ coaches, you went first. Discover You™ is rapidly expanding into classrooms, schools and communities due to you. Your commitment to personal development and the success of young people in your span of care is going to change lives, indeed it already has.  

An inherent element of going first is following a cause worth following and leading others which starts a movement.  Thank you for having the courage to join us and show others. From one lone nut to another…..we are starting a movement.

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Upcoming Training Opportunities

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Whether you’d like to share our training with your contacts who haven’t yet joined in Discover You™ or you’d like to expand your own learning, we’ve got you covered!

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Remember, as a Certified Coach you’ve experienced our Interactive Seminar as well as at least one Learning Lab. Now, you can add additional Learning Labs to your repertoire!