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October 13, 2021


Inspirational Moment


Meet a Discover You Coach!


Tyler Porter

Tyler is a Discover You™ program manager in addition to being a coach.

He’s been with the organization for 8+ years in various capacities. Currently, he focuses on writing, planning, and facilitating content for our programs and trainings.

When asked what the best part of his job is, he said–“being able to work directly with the students. Being able to help give them tools for success and watch them grow into thriving young adults is really what makes the job so great.”

Discover You: The Podcast

Our latest podcast episode is a discussion on the the importance of building strong relationships.

Discover You™: The Podcast is designed for us to grow together in skills and topics of social and emotional learning and positive psychology.

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Recognizing Strengths Through Challenges

It’s officially fall, which for many of us means it’s that wonderful ‘return to school’ time!

We are enjoying a ‘more normal’ school year and have restarted a number of programs that needed to pause in these last 18 months. As we get back in the swing of things, we are reminded of the importance of leveraging strengths.

We all face uniquely personal challenges as we walk through life, and we’ve all also collectively faced challenging times as of late. This is certainly true for our students, who have had to navigate new circumstances and quick pivots.

Whether they’re cognizant of it or not, they have definitely been leveraging their strengths. Consider how you can be a ‘strength spotter’ and acknowledge the ways in which the young people in your life have continued to thrive!

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A Message from Sarah

Partnering with School Systems

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Partnering with school systems is a key component of Discover You™. As we equip coaches to deliver our programs in classrooms, we are also supporting comprehensive implementation strategies to help all students. The Indicators of Schoolwide SEL from CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning) is a guide for schools working with Discover You™ to integrate SEL equitably for all, staff, students, and families.

Midland Public Schools has been utilizing Discover You™ programs and coaches for over 7 years. During the past year we expanded our support by providing professional development to equip staff with skills in wellbeing. The next phase of professional development taught a strength-based approach to education which provided tools for the staff to integrate into their classrooms. 

This phased approach to integrating SEL for both staff and students has been motivated by teachers within the system who have used the Discover You™ programs in their classrooms and by the overwhelming need of staff and students alike to build capacity to increase their wellbeing.  

Partnering in the truest sense of the word has made this relationship effective. Using data and clear outcomes to guide decisions while inviting input from staff and administration has helped shape a plan that will sustain SEL development for the future.  

We are confident you will hear more updates on this school partnership as together we help youth embrace their future!

Upcoming Training Opportunities

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Whether you’d like to share our training with your contacts who haven’t yet joined in Discover You™ or you’d like to expand your own learning, we’ve got you covered!

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