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January 12, 2022


Inspirational Moment

The following a poem written by

a Discover You student:

Our World 

A question continuously buzzing in our brains

Is how do I claim

My sense of belonging in this world?

Days are drawn out and long

And our minds never stop preaching the song of

“You have no meaning here.”

“You aren’t good enough.”

“Stop trying.”

“You. Are. Alone”

No. I say no.

I say no to this discrepancy,

I say no to the lie that I only need to worry about me and my insecurities.

I say no to allowing ourselves to be swallowed by our doubts.

Because this is our world. And we can make it our own.

We can make this world our home

when we join together to build trust.

We must. We must establish relationships through love and acceptance in order to rise above the doubts that we have instilled within ourselves.

Every single person contributes something unparalleled.

We all bring a new and fresh perspective to the table.

Every single day we have the opportunity to devote ourselves to our community.

Now let us go claim our world.

-Madeline Snider

Meet a Coach
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Leanne Camilleri


Leanne is a Discover You™ Coach for the Wellbeing Lab. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, she is a Positive Psychology Practitioner and passionate about helping people to understand the tools that help them thrive.


Leanne loves how the Discover You Program empowers young people to better understand themselves and others and equips them with the understanding of ways to thrive and navigate challenges in life.

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Forged in Fire
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Our family watches the series Forged in Fire, a blade smithing competition, in which contestants spend four days making a final piece which is then subjected to brutal tests of strength, flexibility and sharpness. If the blade comes out in one piece and has the least amount of damage, that blade smith is declared the Forged in Fire Champion. The tests for strength are the worst, chopping blades into cement blocks, logs, steel drums, things that a blade is never intended to endure. There is one test in particular where as a family we cringe, a flexibility test where a blade, usually a sword, is placed tip down into a vice and the handle is pushed to an extreme, first one way, then the other. In the end the blade is assessed by seeing if there is any permanent warp or bend.


Watching these blade smiths heat, pound, and twist metal into shape has me thinking about resilience. Blade smithing is not easy. There are always problems encountered requiring adapting, coming up with a new plan or making something work, even if it is not pretty. Every time a contestant is eliminated they state how much was learned, are glad they competed, feel like they won because they showed up and produced a blade which met the parameters, tried something they had never done before, and always, always, they say they are going to go home and try again.


Just like there are blade smithing tools to create a resilient blade, one that can spring back into shape when pushed to an extreme, there are tools to develop resilience, to help us develop the capacity to recover from difficulties, to help us be aware of ourselves and situations, understand our emotional reactions and the behaviors of those around us, recognize the things we can control, and what to do when we can’t. This is the essence of resilience, learning to try new ways to tackle a problem. And just like a strong, flexible, sharp blade can be forged out of scrap metal, we too can be forged in the fire of difficulties and be declared champions.



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