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February 9, 2022


Inspirational Moment

The following testimonials are from our Discover You™ coach Kylie McLerie, who just completed a program in Australia.

“I learnt things about myself that I never knew”

“I appreciated the space created for us to be open with each other.”

“I will take away the value of self affirmations and the importance of also giving these to others.”

“I now know that you need to own up to your mistakes and learn from them, always listen, and be kind.”

Meet a Coach


Kylie McLerie


Kylie McLerie is inherently a teacher and has held positions in educational leadership at school and regional levels for the past 16 years. She is a Wellbeing Lab Licensee and Facilitator across Michelle McQuaid Labs. Kylie is an inspiring, experienced and highly motivated facilitator who has a genuine passion for engaging groups and teams in critical and creative thinking.

Kylie just finished a pilot program as a Discover You™ coach (quotes above) and is wrapping up our Train the Trainer experience, allowing her to train the next generation of Discover You™ coaches!

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Relationships Matter
I am about to head into a high school classroom to talk about suicide. The training through Living Works takes the participants through the steps of Tuning In, Asking if someone is having thoughts of suicide, Stating that this is important and Connecting them to someone who can help.
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Living the Potential Updates from Discover You™ 
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Two types of relationships stand out to me, those we create with the youth in our programs and the ones we forge with the adults who support those students. Discover You™ develops connections with youth through the connections we foster with adults. This month we wrapped up a program with BHP Mining in Australia. Of the many testimonials this one stood out to me was “I appreciate the space created for us to be open with each other”, age 13. This is the work of a Discover You™ coach (see sections ‘Inspirational Moment’ and ‘Meet a Coach’ for more), creating the space for connections. In a recent professional development with Meridian Early College High School educators, we heard how their focus on relationships is key to creating a place where students want to be, belong, feel safe and heard. And our partnership with Search Institute and their work in Developmental Relationships continues to affirm what we have known all along, relationships matter. Relationships matter so much we are offering a two part series on relationship development skills. Mostly, we want to say thank you for the relationship we have with you but more importantly, the relationships you are developing with youth in your span of care. You have the ability to inspire courage and confidence in youth through your connection.

Positive Relationships Workshop, Part 1

Do you want the teens in your life to hear you, truly?

First you need to listen to them!

Develop your active listening and empathy skills to improve your communication skills with the teens in your life!

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Coaches who’ve completed our training are also invited to connect with coaches across the globe in our Discover You™ Coaches Facebook Group!


We hope that this group will serve as a place where you can have discussions and share questions, celebrations, resources, photos, etc. The relationships you’ve built during our training can continue to flourish!

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Upcoming Training Opportunities
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Whether you’d like to share our training with your contacts who haven’t yet joined in Discover You™ or you’d like to expand your own learning, we’ve got you covered!
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