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March 9, 2022


Inspirational Moment


Meet a Coach:

What’s Your Why?

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Cynthia Bayuk-Bishop

Retired Educator and Founder of



“I live to unlock human potential through the discovery of a person’s unique individual strengths. I believe everyone is born with gifts to contribute to the world. As a DY Coach, I am laser focused on the development of youth, the discovery of their gifts, and providing them with the “people-ing” tools that no one is teaching.


Students deserve to know how to create healthy relationship boundaries, improve their decision-making skills, and dare to dream toward a future of their design. Coaching a student’s self-awareness journey and watching them transform into empathetic, caring human beings is like touching forever one life at a time.


Over the past 4 years, I am honored to have shared my journey with 1000+ students, educators, and business leaders. When it comes to communication, listening, and relationship skills, I have learned there is no age discrimination. Whether young or old, we are all a “work-in-progress” with room for improvement becoming more tomorrow than today.”


Beyond School Hours Conference

Discover You™ attended the Beyond School Hours – Growing Together conference showcasing our youth programs and wrap around programming supporting the adults who work with youth.


We were asked a lot of questions about how our programs are implemented within out-of-school-time environments and how we support staff of those organizations. Bev focused her presentations on this exact need, Staff Development and Retention through Wellbeing.

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Both session times were standing room only. We know we cannot help the youth we serve without first developing and supporting staff, parents and families. This is why eyes lit up when we shared our monthly workshop offered for adults working with youth. These workshops are designed for quick learning, applicable tools and connection with participants. We hope to see you there. Feel free to share with your networks of adults working with you as well as parents and families. Beyond School Hours created relationships amongst professionals passionate about positive youth development and we look forward to the continued connections we developed at this conference.

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Living the Potential Updates from Discover You™ 

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It is a powerful and inspiring moment seeing over 1000 people gather to support, learn and grow together all for positive youth development. Beyond School Hours was a great experience for Discover You™. When asked “what they love about what you do” I heard story upon story of seeing youth thrive. Micro-moments of learning gained, challenges overcome, connections made. This is the work of Discover You™, creating space for these moments to happen in the classroom and after school. Our programs grew out of the needs demonstrated in our afterschool programming with The ROCK Center for Youth Development, our parent organization. When you start to wonder what the impact of Discover You™ is on the lives of the youth you serve, remember, you are creating space for connection.  

Positive Relationships Workshop, Part 2

Learn about non-violent communication and how to best handle conflict in our next FREE workshop about building positive relationships.

(You do not need to have attended part 1)

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Did you miss our last workshop on effective communication and listening to hear? Check out this video to catch up!

“Instead of ‘I’m the adult, so you should listen.’ Think, ‘I’m the adult so should listen.”

-L.R. Knost

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Listening and Understanding – Discover You™

Been there done that……we all have. We all have something that causes us to feel like we screwed up, have to back track and make amends. When it happens publicly, dang, we want to just bury our heads under the covers and wait for it to pass.

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