Benefits of Becoming
a Discover You™ Coach

  • Approximately 24 hours
  • Interactive seminars, learning labs, and
    independent work—delivered live in-person
    or virtually
  • Designed specifically for Discover You™
  • Enhances and manages your learning
    experience materials
  • Continued access to trainer and cohort
  • Ongoing support and learning opportunities
  • Measures Developmental Relationships,
    Internal Assets, and SEL
  • Provided in partnership with
    The Search Institute
  • Surveys are pre-, post-, and longitudinal
  • 18+ workshops and lesson plans
  • Virtual student workbooks
  • Delivered live in-person or virtually
  • Discover You™ is rooted in Social and
    Emotional Learning, Developmental Assets, and Positive Psychology

“I want to celebrate how much I learned that deepened my toolkit of resources even more. I want to celebrate
every person with whom I learned from and with because we all agree that kids are our future.
If this world is going to become better, wiser, kinder, it will require their commitment to making it happen because they see it as essential.”

  • Developmental Assets promote thriving
  • Fewer disciplinary issues reported
  • In the classroom, out-of-school time, or for groups, clubs or teams
  • Can choose to utilize an entire program or stacks of workshops
  • Multiple programs to choose and implement
  • High quality program
  • Sustainable and cost effective
  • Projected $20 per student
  • Continued education credits
  • Tools to benefit you personally and
  • Supporting marketing materials
  • Students increase in life-skills, self-worth and social and emotional skills
  • Empowering over 20,000 students
  • 15+ years of experience in
    positive youth development

Office Location

2205 Jefferson Ave., Midland, MI 48640