Implementing Discover You

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    First, build foundational support for the Discover You™ program. Determine who at your school, team, club, or organization will be a champion and create a team committed to supporting implementation.
    Next, create a plan. Determine your vision, what needs you hope to address, resources, budget, etc.
    Our Discover You™ consultants can assist you during this organizational process.


        Next, your team partners with Discover You™ to determine how best to implement.
        Questions to consider:
        • How many adults do you want to fully train as Discover You™ coaches?
        • How many students do you want to experience the Discover You™ curriculum?
        • How will you support your entire school, team, club, or organization?
        • Will you engage parents?
        • Would you like to leverage Discover You™ for professional development opportunities?
        • Do you hope to have trainer level coaches?
        Discover You™ offers intentional programming at a variety of intensity levels and formats so that your team can truly customize how best to serve your community. These include, but are not limited to: the Discover You™ coach training, professional development, online workshops, newsletters, podcasts, infographics, and articles.

          Sample Implementation

          Anytown High School chooses 6 teachers to experience the comprehensive Discover You™ training program. Upon completion, the implementation team at Anytown High consults with Discover You™ to determine how best to begin leading workshops with students while also supporting the entire school community. In the first year, 1,250 students experience Discover You™’s Forging Futures program during class. School staff participate in 5 hours of professional development led by Discover You™, with topics chosen by the school. The implementation team works with Discover You™ to provide resources and messaging to parents, helping them to understand the concepts their children are learning. All school staff receive the Discover You™ newsletter, which provides valuable resources and free opportunities such as online workshops, a podcast, articles, etc. As Discover You™ continues to be implemented the cost effectiveness and sustainability increases along with measurable impact. Data analysis shows increases in Internal Development Assets along with growth mindset, hope, and resilience.


            Continuous improvement and adaptation is essential for quality programs. Leverage the data collected as part of the Discover You™ process to inform your choices moving forward. Identify opportunities for improvement and refine your plan. Consult with the Discover You™ team to put your improved plan into action.

              CASEL’s implementation guide is a great resource as you work through these steps. Watch the video to learn more or click here for the full guide.

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