Implementing Discover You™

Sustainable & Cost Effective  |  Tailored to Your Needs  |  System-Wide Implementation

Discover You™ program content is designed to integrate into classrooms, athletic and sports practice, clubs, and any out-of-school time activity.

    Sample Implementation

    Anytown High School chooses 6 teachers to experience the comprehensive Discover You™ training program. Upon completion, the implementation team at Anytown High consults with Discover You™ to determine how best to begin leading workshops with students while also supporting the entire school community. In the first year, 1,250 students experience Discover You™’s Forging Futures program during class. School staff participate in 5 hours of professional development led by Discover You™, with topics chosen by the school. The implementation team works with Discover You™ to provide resources and messaging to parents, helping them to understand the concepts their children are learning. All school staff receive the Discover You™ newsletter, which provides valuable resources and free opportunities such as online workshops, a podcast, articles, etc. As Discover You™ continues to be implemented the cost effectiveness and sustainability increases along with measurable impact. Data analysis shows increases in Internal Development Assets along with growth mindset, hope, and resilience.

    CASEL’s implementation guide is a great resource as you work through these steps.

    Watch the video to learn more or click here for the full guide.

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