Positive Youth Development Training

Our trainers help you foster real relationships while you learn and grow, preparing you for strong interactions and great impact.

Trainings are supported by our digital education platform providing access to material and resources.

Positive Youth Interaction

6 interactive hours with highly qualified trainers

    • Developing Strengths
    • Practicing Growth Mindset
    • Understanding Behavior
    • Communicating Expectations
    • Creating Connections
    • Building Community

Principles of Applied Positive Psychology

6 hours with trainers accredited and certified in wellbeing and Applied Positive Psychology exploring the PERMAH pillars for adults and youth

    • Positive Emotions
    • Engagement
    • Relationships
    • Meaning and Purpose
    • Accomplishment
    • Health and Vitality

Youth Development Programs

6 hours with experienced coaches and content developers sharing application strategies

  • Youth Development Curriculum – train-and-go lesson plans to implement instantly
  • Initial data collection for up to 200 students

Positive Youth Development – recommended for out-of-school time professionals

6 hours learning from positive youth development experts

    • Positive Youth Development Programs
    • Understanding Behavior and Trauma
    • Creating an Inclusive Environment
    • 5 Cs of Positive Youth Development: competence, confidence, character, connection, caring
    • Pair with Positive Youth Interaction


Competencies of Social & Emotional Learning

6 hours of engagement with SEL specialists focusing on adult and youth SEL

    • Value of Social and Emotional Learning
    • Self-Awareness
    • Self-Management
    • Social Awareness
    • Relationship Skills
    • Responsible Decision Making

Professional Learning Community

  • Exclusively for those licensed in a Youth Development Program  as a Discover You Coach
  • A supportive space to grow in the skills and application of Discover You Youth Development Programs

Impact Reporting

Data collection and presentation utilizing our specifically designed and validated survey tool from The Search Institute measuring change in:

    • Internal Developmental Assets
    • Social and Emotional Learning Competencies
    • Resilience and Positive Identity