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  • As students increase Developmental Assets, they do better in school
  • Teaching wellbeing is proven to increase
    academic performance
  • Teachers and administration report better
    academic outcomes
  • Meets most requirements for SEL standards

  • Covers the five pillars: self-awareness,
    self-management, responsible decision making, social awareness and relationship skills


  • In the classroom, out-of-school time, or for groups, clubs or teams

  • Can choose to utilize an entire program or stacks of workshops

  • Multiple programs to choose and implement


  • Measures Developmental Relationships,
    Internal Assets, and SEL

  • Provided in partnership with
    The Search Institute

  • Surveys are pre-, post-, and longitudinal


  • System-wide

  • Professional development

  • Coaching and consulting

  • Approximately 35 hours

  • Interactive seminars, learning labs, and
    independent work—delivered live in-person
    or virtually

“Discover You™ helped my mindset on school and improved my attitude towards school and people.

  • Developmental Assets promote thriving

  • Fewer disciplinary issues reported

  • Discover You™ works with your existing
    initiatives such as Adverse Childhood
    Experiences, Restorative Practices, trauma-informed care, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to create a comprehensive solution

  • Discover You™ is designed for secondary and post-secondary students, and pairs well with existing SEL efforts at the elementary level

  • High quality program

  • Sustainable and cost effective

  • Projected $20 per student

  • Data and language to support fundraising

  • Podcast and newsletter

  • Updates and extensions to curriculum

  • Including messaging for all staff, SEL-focused announcements and educational documents for families

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