The Discover You program is evidence of their team’s knowledge and commitment to not just superb content, but an implementation process that puts the students at the centre of the learning, focusing on coaching young people to “discovering” their own unique wellbeing journey and the opportunity to truly flourish as they use their acquired knowledge, skills and behaviours to make positive life choices that create successful outcomes now and into the future.

Edwina Ricci

Project Manager Maroondah Positive Education Network

What students are saying

This has really shown me how I can use my character strengths to my advantage. I know how important I am to others and I can now set goals for myself and look forward to the future.

Forging Futures participant

It has given me a more positive outlook on myself and shown me how to deal with different problems I may face.

Building Strengths participant

I’ve made better friends and gotten better grades in my class.

Mastering Skills participant

What teachers are saying

This program allowed so many kids with personal trauma to open up, feel comfortable within a group, and express their feelings. Kids who can become vulnerable in a social setting is huge. This program was great.

High School Teacher

What seemed to be most meaningful to students was how the lessons built upon each other throughout the year and the variety of activities that were used to engage the diverse group of students in my classroom. All students gained something each day as they reflected upon the day’s lesson.

Middle School teacher

I have a student that participated in the program in recently. He still uses “fixed vs. growth” mindset and uses it to encourage students who haven’t been exposed to the idea. It’s great to hear him using the lessons and encouraging other.

High School teacher

What coaches are saying

The biggest, most spectacular, and truly amazing outcome that comes from Discover You™  is helping young people grow their self confidence and find their true self! We make a lasting difference and it shows when the quietest, meekest, kid in the class stands up and speaks on the last day; or when the “popular” athlete tells a shy classmate that they had a really good point and asks her to repeat it so that the whole class can hear; or when two students who would never have crossed paths outside of school, find a common connection.

Discover You™ Coach

The Discover You™  Coach training has been a highlight of the year for me! I have built new connections with extraordinary humans, engaged in awesome conversations, learned from everyone’s insights, contributions, experience and perspectives, and really motivated and energised to continue working alongside each other. Don’t want it to end!

Discover You™ Coach

This will have an impact on my students by teaching them more self-awareness and the ability to ask for help and advocate for themselves. So many students lack self confidence which is what leads to so much of the behavioral and academic issues. If I can help students to see their strengths and become more aware of their abilities, I believe it will have a very deep and long-term impact.

Discover You™ Coach

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