Youth embracing their future.

Courage. Confidence. Connection.

Train-and-go programs equipping middle school through early post-secondary students in social and emotional learning and applied positive psychology.

The Challenge

Today's teens are struggling

Mental health concerns are rising, connecting to peers is more challenging than ever, and resiliency skills are evading many of our youth.

Access to sEL programs is inconsistent

There are vast inequities in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).
Often it’s taught instead of experienced, and some are lacking a comprehensive and train-and-go solution, or do not have the vision or tools to sustainably affect systems.

“Before Discover You™, I didn’t have the courage to do anything.
Now I feel confident
and know that I have control over my life and can change it for the better.”

Our Solution

Tranformational change for teens

Our unique combination of SEL and positive psychology, offered one hour at a time via 18+ experiential lessons, changes adolescent’s lives.
Growth is tracked via a built-in survey tool, providing actionable data on relationships, internal assets, and SEL

“This program has inspired me
to be the best human I can and
has taught me things I didn’t know about myself.”

Youth Embracing Their Future

unique content and training

The Discover You™ delivery model offers practical skills gained over 36 hours of live and independent learning via a digital education platform; our trainers continue to support you in your SEL journey with youth beyond the training.
We help you foster real relationships while you learn and grow, preparing you for strong interactions and great impact, supported by easy to follow lesson plans.

Why Discover You™

Empowering over 20,000 students |  15+ years of experience in positive youth development

Be independent

Bounce back from failures

Take new chances

Find academic success

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