Our Mission

Discover You™  |  Courage. Confidence. Connection.

Our mission is to build hope and resilience in youth based on a foundation of acceptance, support, and respect that results in positive life choices.

    Designed as a train-and-go program for adults to deliver to their students, Discover You™ helps grade 6-12 and early post-secondary students to:

    • Build the skills of social and emotional learning and positive psychology to develop growth mindsets, self-management, social awareness, conflict resolution, character strengths, forgiveness, courage, and so much more.
    • Navigate their unique and personal journey with a simple framework to help them create external and internal assets they need to make positive life choices.
    • Support their mental wellbeing and provide tools for suicide prevention.
    • Measure the longitudinal impact of their efforts with actionable data on their relationships, social and emotional learning and internal assets.

    We help students tackle challenges, build resilience, care for their wellbeing, and grow their academic success by increasing their courage, confidence, and connection.

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    2205 Jefferson Ave., Midland, MI USA

    (989) 923-1998