“Discover You™ has provided me with in-depth training and tools to share with students about strategies that will help focus on resilience, developing a growth mindset, and working towards mental and emotional wellbeing in the pursuit of excellence.”

-Jennifer Nosakowski, Educator and Discover You™ Coach

The skills students gain in Discover You create a preventative foundation that acts as a tier-one and tier-two mental and emotional health solution.


Suicide: second leading cause of death in ages 10-341

Studies suggest that higher levels of hope and optimism are associated with lower levels of suicide ideation2

Depression: afflicts one in eight adolescents and young adults3

Studies report resilience is a protective factor for mental health conditions4

Research reveals developmental assets, the positive supports and strengths young people need, have a strong influence on adolescent behavior.5

65% of adolescents report binge drinking6

The more assets a young person has the less likely they        are to engage in high risk-taking behavior.7

Drop out rates for 16-24 years old are as high as 56%8

Increased developmental assets promote thriving behavior including succeeding in school, valuing diversity, helping others, overcoming adversity9

Evidence demonstrates an education with life skills that promote mental and emotional health yields positive results for students, adults, and school communities. 10

Bullying: 71% of teens reported bullied. 95% report having seen meanness or cruelty toward others.11

Social and emotional learning helps prevent bullying12

Gangs: 14%-30% of adolescents join gangs at some point13

Students in schools with implemented SEL programs had improvement in identifying emotions, perspective taking and conflict resolution. Schools report fewer conduct problems, less aggression and decreased violence.14

Student teacher relationships play a critical role in student motivation and learning.

Middle school students who reported high levels of development relationships with teachers were 8 times more likely
to stick with challenging tasks , enjoy working hard, and know it is okay to make mistakes when learning when
compared with student with low levels of student-teacher relationships.15

Through participation in Discover You™

Teachers have observed:

  • Positive behavior change
  • Improved attitudes
  • Change in discipline issues
  • Student to student interaction
  • Secondary benefits of increased academic performance

Students report:

  • Learning self-control
  • Better ways to communicate
  • Valuing themselves


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